cement products

Plastruct Plastic Weld

We carry Plastruct general purpose cement in 2 fl oz bottles.  This evaporating cement is ideal for joining dissimilar plastics like ABS, styrene, butyrate, and acrylic. When applied, is tacky right away, and takes only minutes to set.

View more information on this product at https://plastruct.com/shop/glues-tools-and-accessories/ppc-2/

Plastruct's catalogue is filled with useful information for the modeller and we highly recommend it. Download the catalogue at http://www.plastruct.com/catalog/Vol_10_CatalogSMFL.pdf


Bob Smith Industries

We stock a range of adhesives from Bob Smith Industries. Curing times for their two-part epoxies range from 5 minutes for Quik-Cure to 30 minutes for Slow-Cure after the resin and hardner are mixed together. Four products on our shelves include

  • Quik-Cure 5 minute epoxy cures to full strength in ~ 1 hour
  • Mid-Cure 15 minute epoxy cures to full strength in ~ 2 hours
  • Finish-Cure 20 minute epoxy cures to full strength in ~ 8 hours
  • Slow-Cure 30 minute epoxy cures to full strength in ~ 24 hours

Also in-store, a full range of super glues including Insta-Cure super thin CA, Insta-Cure gap filling CA, and Maxi-Cure extra thick CA. To speed up CA curing times, we have 2 fl oz pump spray bottles of Insta-Set Accelerator.

Another useful product for the hobbyist is IC-LOC threadlock which we stock in 10 ml bottles. IC-LOC permanently bonds fasteners together. For more information on specs and safety data sheets for all their products, visit BSI's website at http://bsi-inc.com