Wooden Boats


We have a few boats and fittings in stock and we can special order kits and fittings for you from the following manufacturers:

  • Amati - has a series of America's Cup racing yachts, boats that can be fitted for radio control, classic tall ships, fishing vessels and much more. There are famous ships like the Bluenose, Bounty, & Santa Maria. You can download catalogues from their website https://www.amatimodel.com/en/download-2/

  • Artesanía Latino - has ship models for all levels of building skills, from beginner to elite modellers. They have a wide variety of historic ships from Spain, Britain and France, to name a few. There is also a model of the Bluenose II (1:75 scale)

  • Billing Boats - has ship models for beginner through to expert. Ships like the barquentine Esmeralda which visited Halifax during tall ships events, and the passenger liner Titanic also with history connected to Halifax. Their 1:65 Bluenose is an advanced beginner level kit.

  • Constructo Modelismo - has historical models like the Golden Hind, Mayflower, Cutty Sark and Bounty. This website is in Spanish but Google Translate lets you see the site in English with one click.

  • Corel - has static display model ships in various scales. From yachts and dhows, to tall ship frigates, galleons and barks. 

  • Dumas Products - has static display and radio control model ships and boats of all kinds. Their products include modern pleasure craft, commercial ships, military vessels, even Noah's Ark. You can download their catalogue at http://www.dumasproducts.com/Dumas_Catalog_2015.pdf

  • Rivabo Propellers - makes brass propellers; left or right handed, three-, four- or five-bladed. If you need them, we can order them.

  • Soclaine - has wooden model ship kits including French fishing boats, a privateer and the three-masted bark Belem.


in stock

Scottish Maid model


We have this well appointed 1:50 scale Scottish Maid wooden model by Artesania Latina. $159.99