Model Train manufacturers

Company information

  • Accurail - has HO rolling stock, car sets and car kits. They have a monthly downloadable flyer for their easy-to-assemble kits. Visit their website at

  • Athearn - is owned by Horizon Hobbies. Their HO scale locomotives and rolling stock brands include Genesis and Roundhouse. They have a line of N scale trains. Visit their website at

  • Atlas Model Railroad - has trains in N, HO and O scales. They make a variety of scale vehicles. One of their most popular products is track in different scales and codes (100, 83, 80, 55).

  • Bachmann Trains - has HO, N, On30 and Large scale trains, DCC systems and power packs. Whether it's complete sets or individual locomotives and cars, we can order them. They also have several maintenance-of-way items. For the younger railroaders, Bachmann has lots of Thomas and Friends trains and accessories in three scales. We carry Bachmann E-Z track. Bachmann scenery (Scenescapes) and structure kits (Plasticville) are available. You can download their 2019 Catalogue at

  • Bluford Shops - has many unique HO and N scale freight cars with a wide variety of road names not available elsewhere. They also make HO and N scale cornfields so if you have lots of empty agricultural land on your layout, why not add these cornfields? Visit their website at

  • Bowser -  has N and HO scale locomotives and rolling stock. They carry a line of HO wheels and trucks. If you do maintenance work on your own trains, a Bowser foam work cradle comes in handy. Visit their website at

  • Broadway Limited Imports - has top quality HO and N scale trains and locomotives. Their Paragon3 line with Rolling Thunder sound are leading edge in the hobby. Their six-packs of rolling stock are nice to have if you like unique road numbers. Visit their website at

  • Digitrax - has DCC model train control systems. Their products include the DCS52 Zephyr Express, Evolution command control sets, LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface, throttles, decoders and more. Visit their website at

  • InterMountain Railway - has HO and N scale locomotives and rolling stock. Also available are HO shells and undecorated kits. You can visit their website at

  • Kadee Quality Products - also known as The Coupler People, have couplers in various scales, most commonly, HO. They produce coupler conversions, trucks and wheel sets, coupler height gauges, and HO freight cars. Visit their website at

  • Kato Precision Railroad Models - has HO and N scale locomotives and rolling stock. We carry their N scale Unitrack products including track sets, DC power packs, and bridges. A nice way to dive into the N scale world is with a Kato complete train starter set. Visit their website at

  • Lionel - has locomotives, rolling stock and sets in O and HO scales. If you are a fan of their Legacy, LionChief or American Flyer lines, we can order them (usually by pre-order). We stock their FasTrack. View their online catalogues at

  • Micro-Trains - has N and Z scale locomotives and rolling stock, as well as wheels for both scales. Visit their website at

  • M.T.H. Electric Trains - has O, HO, and S scale locomotives and rolling stock. Their RailKing line of trains run on O scale track but are smaller than their full O scale (1/48) units, hence, they can turn around tighter curves. M.T.H. also produce track and DCS Digital Command Systems. They have several online catalogues to view and/or download. Visit their website at

  • PECO (Pritchard Patent Product Co) - has N and HO scale track, a favourite for many modellers. We stock both. Visit their website at

  • Rapido Trains - has HO and N scale locomotives and rolling stock, usually pre-order limited editions. We also stock Rapido metal HO wheels. Visit their website at

  • Walthers - is one of our major model train suppliers. Not only do they have their own brands, they carry brands from other manufacturers (eg., Atlas and Accurail). Walthers has three HO brands: Trainline, Mainline and their most detailed Proto. They also produce N scale locomotives and rolling stock. For structures and scenery they have the Cornerstone and SceneMaster products. Visit their website at

  • Woodland Scenics - has everything you need to make great scenery on your N, HO and O scale layouts. They have roadbed, terrain, trees, figures, vehicles, buildings, and more. Whether its the popular Scenic Cement or Realistic Water products, we can order what you need. Visit their website at