Pro Boat Jet Jam


Driven by a jet pump, this 12" boat can be enjoyed in water as shallow as three inches. It is self-righting and easy to see with its bright orange finish.

Dromida Voyager


This aircraft is fully pre-assembled and ready to fly. It's a four channel unit with built-in LiPo recharger and digital trim to optimize performance.

Flyzone Micro Calypso Glider


The Micro Calypso sailplane is easy to assemble and ready to fly. Its foam construction is durable and the wings are magnetically connected. This aircraft comes with a four channel radio and built-in charger.

FMS Super EZ V3


This model includes landing gear and floats for an exciting sport aircraft. Everything needed to fly is included in the box!

Hobbyzone Champ RTF


This three channel trainer is great for self-taught flying. LiPo battery and charger are included. For more information on all of these models visit Horizon Hobby at

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S


This model has four channel control with SAFE technology. This award-winning aircraft comes with everything needed to fly.

Flight Simulator

While you are in the store, improve your flying skills with our flight simulator.